Wednesday, 29 July 2015


My sister needed to gather some inspiration for her art homework so we took a little trip to the National Portrait Gallery.  The weather in London has been pretty unpredictable as of late so I had to dress myself appropriately for the weather as well as taking into consideration the amount of walking we'd be doing.

 I opted for a comfy pair of ripped jeans from Topshop and smartened the look up with a loose, thin shirt.  I love the combination of a ripped jean with a blouse or buttoned shirt; I think it makes for an effortless go-to for day to day wear that can easily be glammed up with a strappy heeled sandal.  Underneath I wore a black lace bralette for comfort and a little extra bit of detail.

For my feet I chose a pair of burgundy slippers to compliment the ripped jeans and to also ensure that I could last the day strolling around the West end.  

Whilst this is strictly an outfit post, I can't not include a few photos of some of my favourite paintings from the gallery.

(The exquisite detailing in 'The Adoration of the Kings' by Gosseart ^)

After, Lily and I ate at one of our favourite spots, Princi, in Soho.  It's renowned for its bakery as well as its pizzas.  I am OBSESSED with their courgette fritte and the pizzas are sizeable enough to share.  I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a reasonably priced lunch spot!

Topshop Ripped Jeans - similar here and here
Primark Shirt - still available in store otherwise similar here
Massimo Dutti Slippers - similar here and here
Celine Medium Trapeze in Navy and Burgundy (my colour is still available in store just not online)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Now What?

I stopped writing for a long time because I was submerged with my final year work and, to be entirely honest, I was freaking the F out.  I'm normally the most chilled, shoulder shrugging, 'it'll work itself out' individual, but for a good few months I was batshit crazy.  Everything was building up to a certain point in my life and now that it's all over I'm kind of left thinking, now what?

That certain point of course was my graduation and the eternal fear that I would never actually graduate (I made it perfectly clear to my father that if I didn't achieve a 2:1 or higher in my degree that I was going to sack off graduation all together).  Luckily I got my grade and I managed to overcome the second hardest part of the university experience (choosing what to wear to graduation of course) and now I've got to think about what I want to do with my life and all the rest.  I'm glad to be returning to an outlet that previously gave me so much enjoyment and focus and I'm hoping if anything that writing on my blog again will fill my time in between job applications (god, my life sounds dire).  To those out there who are feeling or have felt similarly, I am with you in spirit pals.
Here are a few things I've learned during my experience;

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Coconut & Cinnamon French Toast Bites

I'm feeling really sorry for myself today.  I'm overwhelmed by the two dissertations I have looming over me and frankly I'm pretty stressed about the whole third year University situation in general.  It's not like me to feel so easily overwhelmed, so on the rare occasion I do feel it, I listen to what I want.  And what I want today is to eat something sweet and watch trashy tv...basically anything that will allow me to put the world of postcolonial literature and third cinema behind me.  I thought it would be nicer to make something to not only keep me occupied but to also get my arse out of bed.  When I'm feeling tetchy I need something to channel my stress into, whether that's cooking, blogging, exercising, drinking green tea or just being a raging bitch...whatever.  So, if you are lying in a grave of self pity much like myself, I'm hoping these little bites can offer you some solace.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Why I Went Wireless

I never understood the concept of the wireless bra until last year.  I thought they were for people with tiny boobs and that the lack of support would end up in endless pain whilst doing menial tasks and a lot of nipple.  However, my normal bras were a pain in the arse...uncomfortable, constantly needed adjusting and more than anything, restrictive.  You all know how good it feels to get home and take your bra off at the end of the day, right?  I thought I'd try a wireless option to see how much more comfortable I felt.  Needless to say, I was quickly converted, and in short, these are the reasons I went wireless;

Friday, 6 February 2015

The Breakfast Jar

I'm obliged to take cliché instagram photos now I'm equipped with an SLR.  I'm sure you've seen the 'hand holding a jar of strange looking mush' picture one too many times on your feeds but at least I'm going to give you a recipe to go with it.  It's very simple and easy to adjust to your own particular tastes, but most importantly, it's a filling nutrient packed breakfast (or lunch...or dessert) that can be enjoyed at the table or on the go.  All it takes is three simple layers...

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Little Things 4.2.15

Soooo I may have got a new camera.  I waited in all day to make sure the yodel delivery man would give me my baby (securely and gently...I've seen the videos of yodel playing frisbee with peoples parcels!) and then I fidgeted for a few hours whilst I waited for the battery to charge.  I'd been researching DSLR's for a while, watching countless Canon VS Nikon comparison videos and asking for advice from the old guy at the camera store (thanks buddy),  before taking the plunge and ordering the Nikon D3300.  I thought I'd take a few tester shots of some of the little things I'd been loving this week and talk about them here...that way I get to practice with my new toy as well as make a little post.  Unfortunately by the time the battery had fully charged it was dark outside and so I've had to shoot with indoor lighting, making it hard work to try and avoid my own am I a novice.