Thursday, 10 July 2014

June Health Favourites

I think it is time to do a round up of some of my favourite products from the last month.  I'm always on the look out for new things to buy and recently I've been favouring more natural alternatives to my otherwise everyday products.  It can be difficult to know what's worth spending your money on and I often rely on reviews from other blogs or recommendations from friends, so here I'm hoping I can shed a little light on the subject for you too.

1. Sage and Lemon Myrtle Tea (£1.79) - So I expressed in one of my previous posts that I'd developed a taste for Sage tea since drinking it everyday in Turkey.  After my supply of teabags that I'd 'borrowed' from the hotel ran out, I tried desperately to find a replacement.  I couldn't find the exact teabags I wanted, however I came across this brand in Holland & Barrett which gives a much lighter and fresher taste than the pure sage I was drinking in Turkey.  The health benefits of such tea include anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties so drink up.

2. Biona Date Syrup (£2.85) - After reading around a bit and finding out my beloved Agave syrup wasn't as good for me as I originally thought (devastating), I came across this Date Syrup in my local health store.  Dates are fantastic for baking due to their sweet and sticky texture so I thought I couldn't go wrong with a syrup.  I use it on my yoghurt and in porridge and it is a perfect substitute for sugar when baking.

3. Jason Tea Tree Deodorant (£4.99) - I had tried a natural deodorant from Lush last year but as it came unpackaged in a block I found that it dried up pretty quickly and gave me a reaction.  I'd read about Jason before and thought it was worth a try.  It's free from aluminiums and parabens and all the other nasty stuff that regular brands cram their deodorants with.  As far as I'm concerned, your armpits are one of the most porous places on your body so it seems dangerous to be spraying or blocking those pores with chemicals.  So far I'm liking the Jason deodorant although I think next time I'd opt for the Aloe Vera as the tea tree smells too medicinal.

4. Aloe Dent Whitening Toothpaste (£3.79) - I LOVE THIS STUFF.  I've even got Tom using it without complaint so it must be good.  It tastes fresh and foams like every other toothpaste but it is fluoride free.  My mouth feels much cleaner since I've been using this toothpaste and again, it doesn't have all the horrible harmful chemicals in it.  Have you ever wondered why you can't ingest toothpaste or leave a child unattended whilst they brush their teeth? A quick google search on the harms of fluoride is enough to make you give up regular toothpaste for good.  Why buy a product meant for your mouth that is  harmful enough to make you seriously ill if ingested?

5. Nascent Iodine (£33.97) - So I'm quite new to this and it's only been about two weeks since I've started taking it.  I stumbled across it on one of my favourite blogs (Organic Olivia) and did some research into it.  Essentially, most of the modern population suffer from an underactive thyroid due to the foods we eat etc.  This is pretty much down to most of us being deficient in Iodine which is crucial to maintaining and balancing certain functions in our body.  As well as detoxifying our bodies of chemicals and protecting us from radiation, it can help with a range of ailments from weight loss to increased energy.  Symptoms such as weight gain, depression, tiredness, dry hair and skin etc are a result of an under active thyroid and can be cured by taking Iodine.  I've started by taking 4 drops mixed with my water every morning on an empty stomach and have found myself with more energy, a clearer, sharper mind and it has pretty much stopped any sugary cravings I've had previously.  Read up on Nascent Iodine so you can come to your own conclusion, but for me it has been a complete game changer.

6. Faith in Nature JoJoba Shampoo (£5.30) - Again, this is kind of the same concept as the deodorant and toothpaste but for the first time I kind of stopped to think about what it was I was putting on my scalp.  I use to feel like after I washed my hair it was never fully clean.  Since switching to something more natural I've had a few compliments on how healthy my hair has been looking.  It feels much lighter and definitely shinier and I find it has a bit more bounce to it because I don't have all that crap weighing it down.  I've also had to give up dry shampoo since finding out how much it clogs the pores in your scalp (waaaah) which has been hard as I rely heavily on the stuff.  However, the natural shampoo makes my hair much cleaner and I find it doesn't get dirty so quickly so I can lay off the dry shamps (yay).


  1. I've been searching for the Faith In Nature shampoo and the Jason Deodorant and Can't seem to find them atm? I Was Wondering where you got them from??
    Thank you Xx

    1. I got them from my local health store so you can try yours first - if not a holland and barrett? I also use a shampoo called Dr Organic in Moroccan oil which I know you can definitely buy in holland and barrett X